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Installing hardwood floors throughout your house is a smart decision that results in a beautiful home. Hardwood floors will add value to your home and present a warm, natural look that’ll you’ll treasure for decades to come…as long as you take care of it properly! If you don’t want to find yourself paying for wood floor refinishing on a regular basis, keep these cleaning tips in mind.

Vacuuming Is Essential

Everyone knows you have to vacuum carpets, but what about wood floors? Most people clean them by sweeping by this actually leave your floor in great danger. The microscopic dust and dirt that accumulates on the floor act like sandpaper when walked on by shoes and pet feet. Daily vacuuming with a brush or felt attachment will remove this grit much better than a broom.

Wax With Caution

Wax makes things shiny and smooth, right? Well…sometimes. Floor wax should never, ever been used flooring that’s finished with substances like shellac, varnish, or polyurethane. Not only will the application of wax make the floor dangerously slippery, but it could also permanently interfere with future refinishing attempts.

One Doormat Is Never Enough

The best way to protect your floors from wear and tear is to station doormats outside and inside all of your entrances. This ensures a two-step foot wiping process that will hopefully prevent dirt from being tracked further inside your home. The outside mat should be made of an abrasive material that will dislodge dirt and rocks, while the inside mat can be a softer material for soaking up moisture.

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