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The world of today is all about personalization. We have the ability to customize our smartphones, choose exactly what to watch on television and when, and make our opinions known on social media. Believe it or not, hardwood flooring is no different. You might think, you choose what kind of wood to use, a hardwood floor is installed, and that’s that. By stretching your imagination, you can take the beautiful simplicity of a hardwood floor, and use it as a canvas for something unique and amazing.

But keep reading to learn some suggestions to make your flooring even more distinctive.

  • For many people, adding a coating of varnish or wax is just the right way to add a little something extra to their flooring. There are numerous kinds of varnish that will react differently to wood. Some will create a subtle matte finish, while others make a glossy sheen that sparkles.
  • Not everyone is a purist when it comes to wood flooring. Some people will take the plunge and add a coat of paint to the wood itself. A carefully chosen shade of color can grab attention, or it can quietly create a mood. Painting is an excellent choice for older hardwood floors.
  • Feeling artistic? A popular and creative notion is to use paint to create patterns on the floor. Some folks opt to make a border surrounding the edges, while others let their inner Van Gogh or Pollack out across the entire space of the floor.
  • Many people love the look and feel of parquet flooring. Basically, the wood is cut into blocks or tiles, then arranged into whatever pattern is desired.

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