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If you have a read our last blog, we are discussing the important aspects in choosing Dallas flooring for your home. There are many factors involved in choosing the right floor, such as where you are putting the floor, what’s underneath the floor, and the style of your home. Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas is a great resource when deciding, and installing your new hardwood floors. We are the professionals and have been in business for many years so we know all about hardwood floors, and can help you make the tough decisions

Here are more tips to choose your Dallas flooring.

What’s Most Important

When it comes to your Dallas flooring you need to decide what is the most important factor involved. Is it getting a bamboo floor, sticking to a budget, or that it must go in the kitchen? Deciding this will help you make the other decisions down the road.

-Cost- Some people would believe that they can save money on the engineered hardwood floors, however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, getting the real deal is going to be your best option. Oak floors tend to be your great compromise. It’s beautiful in color, it’s durability is on the higher side, and it’s affordable.

-Maintenance- Most people want their hardwood floors to stand the test of time. With that being said, you want to look for harder woods over all. You also want to pay close attention to the stain of the Dallas flooring. The most common type of stain and finish used for hardwood floors is a polyurethane finish, which has a high gloss appearance. Because it shines, it tends to highlight flaws that are incorporated into the floor over time. A new method of staining, that is gaining popularity, is oil staining, which actually soaks into the wood and gives the wood a more matte-like finish. Because it doesn’t have that high glass shine, the floor would not showcase flaws as easily. If you like the idea of mixing textures you can do a distressed wood, where it looks a little worn, but will help when it actually does become worn. Your guests will think it looks like part of the design, and nothing more.

How Do You Want Your Dallas Flooring to Look?

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their Dallas Flooring. Some people love rich red wood, others like a light and airy pine look. Some, like the idea of mixing light and darks together to create contrast within their space. If you’re all about the pattern within the wood, paying close attention to the grain is important. You may pay a little more, but if this is the most important aspect about picking your flooring, you may want to invest in getting a more unique grain pattern.
Another thing to consider, when talking about appearance, is the plank width of the wood. This can alter the entire look of your Dallas flooring. Checking out the wood in person is imperative because you can a get a good understanding of how the hardwood will look and feel in your home. Texas Hardwood Flooring can help you decide which elements when it comes to the appearance of your Dallas flooring, is most important to you.

The Finish of Your Floor

When you get your wood, you always have the option of adding a stain to it. When you stain and finish the floor this protects the hardwood flooring from the elements from the outside and in. if you love the look of a deep espresso floor, but don’t love the grain pattern, you can stain a wood you love and make it the color you prefer. The finish of the floor will also affect the maintenance, which we discussed earlier. If the floor has a matte finish you know you won’t be able to see as much wear and tear as a high gloss finished floor.

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