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How To Tell If Your Hardwood Flooring Can Be Saved In 6 Steps- Part 2

Wood flooring is an attractive addition to any home. In fact, it’s a selling point for most folks. When you walk into a home and see gleaming hardwood with individualistic grain spidering throughout the entire home like veins beneath the skin, it’s a stunning first impression. Thus, it’s no shock that when your own flooring,...

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How To Tell If Your Hardwood Flooring Can Be Saved

Wood is, arguably, the best flooring option you have available if you’re looking for something natural, beautiful and hypoallergenic. As we all know, if you treat your hardwood flooring right it can last longer than your home itself, as the reclaimed wood trend can attest to. That being said, older hardwood flooring, while...

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Top 3 Tips To Care For Hardwood Flooring

As we’ve gushed about so many times, hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful additions to any home. It adds warmth, individuality and so much more all in one swoop. It’s featured in Town & Country and every high-end hotel and home, because it’s classic and can last a lifetime. Once you’ve got your hardwood flooring...

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The Next Top 3 Tips To Care For Hardwood Flooring

Just had a new hardwood floor installed in your Dallas home? Are you still dazzled by your own ten-year-old hardwood flooring that provides that satisfying little click under your heels and makes all of your furniture look way more classy than carpet would? We’re sure you do. And what’s more, we’re here to show you how to take...

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The Top 3 Practical Tips To Make Hardwood Flooring Last

Sure, dry cleaning and wet cleaning in a nice order, investing in a rug, these are all basic suggestions to keep your hardwood flooring doing well seems pretty self-explanatory. But where are all the rather secret hardwood care techniques that the pros use on their hardwood flooring to keep them looking sharp and glossy? Don’t...

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The 4 Best Hardwood Flooring Styles For the Beginning of 2019

There’s something super entertaining about pursuing trends and finding the proper flooring type for your upcoming home remodeling project. We’ve collected the best of the 2019 designer profile that’s perfect for both a truly Texas-inspired style and so much more. Check out our suggestions for wood flooring trends to follow...

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The Trendiest Hardwood Flooring Ideas For The New Year- Part 2

If you’re shopping through some interior design magazines and you find yourself absolutely distracted by the sheer stunning beauty of those hardwood flooring, we have good news: You don’t have to say “I don’t know,” when folks ask what you want for Christmas. Cause this year, you do know; you want a new set of hardwood floors...

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The Trendiest Hardwood Flooring Ideas For The New Year

Designers have to turn out new ideas all the time and the 2019 styles for interior design are already here. Presumably, they release these styles before the year even starts to give you a leg up on getting ahead of the styles and looking super chic. If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift you could give yourself, you’ve...

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Clever Ways to Keep Your Floor Safe During The Holiday Season- Part 3

Worried about your hardwood flooring barely surviving the holiday hustle and bustle, much like yourself? Don’t worry, the hardwood flooring experts in Dallas are here to enlighten you about our best tips and tricks for ensuring that your floors escape the holiday season completely free of damage. In our past couple of blogs...

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