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Top 3 Tips To Care For Hardwood Flooring

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As we’ve gushed about so many times, hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful additions to any home. It adds warmth, individuality and so much more all in one swoop. It’s featured in Town & Country and every high-end hotel and home, because it’s classic and can last a lifetime. Once you’ve got your hardwood flooring installed, it’s exciting to see it gleam in the low lighting of your kitchen. It’s enchanting to wake up on Sunday mornings and be greeted by intricate combinations of wood grain all in your floor. How do you keep it in that precise and impeccable shape? We’ll show you.

#1 Read The Labels

Soon after your hardwood is installed, it’s likely you’ll be headed out to your closest grocery store or hardware store in search of the bewitching hardwood flooring cleaner because, now, you also have wood flooring and it needs special care. Unlike deodorant though, you’ll need to pick out a bottle and actually read the label on it. Make sure it’s suitable for the surface and won’t damage the wood at all. The good ones will include either oil, wax or polyurethane.

#2 Invest In Felt

Head on over to Hobby Lobby and pick up some of those little furniture felt pads. If you feel like saving money after investing in your floors, we’d recommend just buying a couple of the huge sheets of felt and cutting them down to size for all the legs of your furniture. This will keep scratches from populating all over your wood flooring, which will, in turn, prevent any grit and grime from getting into those newly made crevices.

#3 Get a Rug

Yes, we are totally giving you permission to cover up a bit of your flooring to preserve it. Let’s just say, there’s a reason that the really old stuff in museums don’t have many lights shining on them. They’re being preserved for the future generation to enjoy. Think of your hardwood flooring in a similar matter. You don’t need to darken the lights and protect it from sun exposure like it’s the Rosetta Stone itself. But we would recommend probably getting a nice oriental rug or something of the like to cover up a portion of your flooring. It’ll protect it from scratches and other damage too.

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