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Many of us homeowners have a mental picture of what our dream home looks like. Some of us live in places that closely resemble our dream homes, but many of us are working toward making our home more… dreamy. If you’re in the second category, then you’re not alone. With all of the popular decorating trends, it can be tough to decide on a route to go when it comes to your home’s feel. You might want to go rustic, shabby chic, vintage, industrial chic, or any combination of these. Here are some great ways to make your space more trendy.

Change up the Decor

Changing up the decor may be the least expensive way to improve the look of your space. Change out your sofa, or wall art for something else. Also, the addition of art or a sculpture can be a great way to give your space the look you are going for.

Opt for an Area Rug

The use of an area rug can really add a lot to a room, however, it can easily make your space feel smaller. If you have nice flooring, like hardwood or laminate, consider ditching the area rug to make your small space feel bigger.

Switch out the Fixtures

Finally, changing out the light fixtures can be a significant way to change up the look of a room. Whether it’s choosing a rustic or more modern piece, this can be a super refreshing and rejuvenating improvement to your home.

Refinish the Wood Floors

If your wood floors have seen better days, or they’ve been hidden under old, nasty carpet, it might be time for a little refinishing action. Getting your floors refinished can breathe new life into your floors and restore their original beauty. It can also give you the chance to chose a different finish. Do you like the floors with a greyish finish? Go for it! Want to stick with the classic look, that’s awesome too. You really can’t go wrong with wood floors.

The whole idea here to is to help you create a space that you enjoy coming home to every day. With some fairly simple changes, you can have the space that you’ve always wanted, or at least, you can begin the journey toward getting there! If you’ve been considering getting your floors refinished, call our pros today for a free estimate!

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