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Mr. & Mrs. P. have a huge playroom on the backside of their house in Wylie, Texas; approximately thirty-five feet by twenty feet, or seven-hundred square feet. It’s where the four kids play, the two dogs race around as well as sleep, and it also features a wet bar for entertaining any grown-up guests; plus beautiful French doors that lead to the patio outside. This is a room that takes some serious hits on a daily basis.

The floor that was in there was only meant to be temporary; the previous owners had installed an ugly and overly soft beige carpet when they bought the house; the P-family had always meant to change it. The carpet, a fairly cheap product in the first place, had suffered a terrific beating in just a few short years and was looking quite tacky.  The family called Texas Hardwood Flooring, the best in professional hardwood flooring installation in Wylie and throughout the DFW-area.

Their ideal was to have the part of the room with the wet bar covered in some kind of tile, and the rest of the room in some kind of hardwood. No problem. They talked the possibilities over with our project manager, Bart. The couple picked out a classically beautiful ceramic tile called Grigio, which has a greyish tone, and paired it with an engineered hardwood flooring to install called Dublin, which came in four-inch planks. They thought the two colors and textures looked really well together, so it was a go. Both products matched with the furniture they had, as well as the wood and tile on the wet bar; the new wood flooring’s colors even matched the color of their miniature schnauzer – an added plus.

After delivery, the Wylie crew at Texas Hardwood Flooring ripped up the offending carpeting, rolled it, and tossed it.  The cement subfloor was carefully and properly prepared. Then, the tile was carefully laid in, with spacers set at one-eighth inch. Once the tile was in place, and while the adhesive was setting, it was time to put in the engineered hardwood flooring planks. They were spaced up close to the tile, also approximately one-eighth of an inch. Since both the hardwood and the tile were half-inch thick products, the gap between the two was easily (but carefully) filled with the proper grout.

A matching low-rise baseboard was installed around the perimeter, and the furniture was returned.  In a matter of days, the P. family was back in there, hard at play.  Kids and dogs and parents were happy; another satisfied Texas Hardwood Flooring customer!

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