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    Beautiful Hand Scraped Hardwoods in Dallas / Fort Worth

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    Hand scraped or distressed wood flooring has come back into fashion alongside it’s deep South brothers like plantation shutters. Hardwood flooring has always been a mark of sophistication and elegance, but the hand-scraped flooring trend taps into a sense of timeless, rustic aesthetic that is not easily achieved. For centuries, wood floors were crafted with rough tools, leaving a textured look and feel to the surface that is now sought after due to its reputation of providing immediate charm and subtle vintage quality. Active residents like kids and pets can be hard on floors, sometimes leaving dents and scratches. A hand-scraped wood floor takes these dings in stride and still looks great. If you find greener, creatively sourced materials is more up your alley, you can easily find upcycled already scraped wood that can instantly add character to your space. In the absence of that solution, look to our hand scrapping services.

    Wood Flooring With Undeniable Charm

    Texas Hardwood Flooring proudly provides hand scraped wood flooring in all of the areas we service, like Dallas, Little Elm and Plano, just to name a few. We work on hickory, oak, bamboo as well as other wood species. When your solid hardwood flooring is being installed or refinished, our craftsmen can hand-scrape your floor right on site, prior to staining and sealing. Installing engineered hardwood flooring instead of solid hardwood? We can add hand-scraped character and aesthetic to that flooring as well depending on the width of your planks and how it’s installed. Many flooring manufacturers now offer pre-finished hardwood flooring products that are hand-scraped at the factory and can be installed with the same ease and at the same cost as other pre-finished floors. However, our artful application of the service renders your flooring looking authentic rather than overdone.

    Unique Aesthetic

    If you find the individuality of a parquet floor or other flooring styles totally charming but aren’t thrilled about the additional cost, you might look to hardwood floor scraping. The  completely unique look of each hand scraped plank easily creates a form of chaotic symmetry that can only enhance and add dimension to the character of your current or new hardwood flooring. While the finish is rustic, it pairs easily with many different types of decor because of the natural color palette and varied way of executing the scraping. It has managed to become the current interior design sweetheart because of it’s textured appeal and ability to add visual interest across a broad area. This texture makes the perfect backdrop to highlight heirloom furniture pieces and other carefully contrasted pieces that enhance style and individuality. The most interesting and intriguing part of a hand-scraped design is its ability to appear and feel different in varied types of lighting. The woods natural grain will be brought into sharp relief and the morning lights will create stunning hues and sharp edges that will mellow as the sun reaches higher into the sky.

    Preservable Beauty

    Since those little dings and evidence of wear won’t show on your rigidly designed flooring the beauty of the grain of the wood will stick around with low maintenance. Since it’s a hard surface, it’s already going to be ridiculously easy to keep clean in comparison to its dust and grime collecting carpet counterparts. While smooth hardwood floorsrequire regular sweeping to make sure that all those little crumbs don’t mar and interrupt the beautiful progression of the grain, you won’t be able to see those pieces in hand-scraped wood. Rougher more surfaces don’t show dust, hair, or any debris which means you can sweep much less often. Worried about the grooves making it more difficult to sweep? Usually the grooves and scrapes in the wood are so low profile that they won’t be able to trap things from the bristles of your broom, and definitely won’t stand up to a mop.

    Use Natural Cleaners Freely

    Wanting to try out some greener, less pungent cleaners? Hand scraped wood flooring takes kindly to the attentions of diluted apple cider vinegar and other green alternatives to those stinky wood cleaning chemical products. Interested in investing in a new hardwood floor to increase the value of your home and the quality of life inside it, contact us about our hand scraping process. We’d be excited to talk about your needs for your home and how we can accommodate your personal style and wants.

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