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June and Herbert are an elderly couple who live in a quite fine mansion in Westlake, Texas. Herbert is an extremely successful businessman for a well- known Fortune 500 company and June is a clothing designer with a unique aesthetic sensibility. They have been married for a fairly short duration after both being widowed, Herbert somewhat recently, and June several decades ago. What brought them together first of all was a mutual love of ballroom dancing.  

When June moved into Herbert’s home after their marriage, they decided together that they wanted to be able to dance at home whenever they wanted. Since the children are grown and gone from the house, they had the room. There were a couple of bedrooms on the second floor that were available; they had the wall between then removed to form one large room, which measured approximately forty-two by thirty-five feet. The doors that had been bedroom egresses were expanded to make the room even more open.

They asked Texas Hardwood Flooring to oversee the hardwood floor installation for a “ballroom” with a proper floor for their hobby. Brian was ready and eager to work on this project, since it was a different from the usual, every day installation project. He did some research and made a presentation to the homeowners.  

The couple said they wanted there to be some “give” in the floor, as is the case for a professional dance floor. However, it didn’t need to be a “sprung” dance floor, like you might find at a dance studio, because they would not doing balletic leaps and the like. Besides, the room being on the second floor, there was going to be more give than on a concrete subfloor anyway. In addition, this sweet couple wanted the room to also be used for their frequent parties, where their guests could dance as well.  

The second story of this beautiful Westlake, Texas house featured a subfloor of ¾” plywood, which was a good beginning. On top of that, Brian had his crew place a layer of roofing felt, followed by a 5mm rubber underlayment. This was installed for both sound absorption and the “give” desired for dancing.  Finally, it was time for the Texas Hardwood Flooring crew to install the floor itself. The wood they chose was a magnificent Brazilian Cherry, a 5/8” solid hardwood flooring product that was manufactured to be installed via “click-and-lock” (this way there were no nails involved in the floor.) After the floating installation, the joints were glued together at the lock points for extra stamina. The room was finished off with a substantial white baseboard to cover the gaps between floor and wall, left for the floor to “breathe” and adjust to its surroundings on a continuous basis.  

June and Herbert are so excited by their new floor, they have planned three “dance parties” already for this coming summer, so they can show off their new room, and their ballroom dancing moves, of course.  

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