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With the global interconnectedness of the world, more and more wood species of different exotic backgrounds are popping up on the market. There’s purpleheart wood, with a violent purple grain that makes for whimsical furniture, flooring and decor. There’s wenge, which comes all the way from Africa and is as black as the night sky. It adds depth to any room it’s employed in and even cutting boards with the wood present look much sharper. The new prevalence of beautiful exotic woods has improved the beauty in our homes and it’s no different in regard to Shorea wood.

Much like teak and Brazilian cherry, shorea is a tropical hardwood and like it’s brothers in that it’s rated highly on the Janka hardness scale. It’s an incredible wood for outside patios or sunrooms because it’s incredibly resistant to insect damage. It’s naturally able to repel fungus and even moisture decay, which could make it an option for the homeowner who’s totally set on the notion of having hardwood flooring in their main bathroom. What’s truly marvelous about this exotic wood, even beyond its remarkable durability, is its ability to change colors. You can either preserve the rich, brown hue that it holds when it’s first cut, or you can let it grow silver and grey in color without having it decay. It’s from Southeast Asia, mainly the Philippines and Indonesia, and is a prominent member of their rainforest population.

The Species

It’s harvested specifically from the Sal tree, which depending on the species, can reach up to 300 feet tall, but tend to fall anywhere between 100 and 300 feet. There are five different species of the Sal tree: the white merantis, the yellow merantis, dark red merantis, light red merantis and the balau. You may actually have heard of the meranti wood species before, as it’s often referred to as Phillipine mahogany and is often used in deck construction because of its resistant nature that repels moisture and other decay, making it ideal for outside use.

Illegal Harvesting

Luckily, the supply of shorea wood is very strictly regulated by the governments who hold the wood in their land. Illegal harvesting of shorea nearly never happens and it’s easy to get multiple uses out of a singly harvest, as the trees are so large. The South Asian governments also employ state-of-the-art reforestation strategies to ensure that only mature sal trees are ever harvested and young sal trees are always being nurtured and grown. That being said, the high demand for the wood makes it hard to come by because of the strict regulations the harvesting must follow. Thought, it offers peace of mind as none of the shorea timber you buy will ever be unethically sourced.

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