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Any time you think about making home improvements, it’s important to think about how the change will affect your current quality of life, as well as how it will affect your home’s future resale value. A change that might be perfect for the way your family currently uses a room might actually seem odd to a future home buyer. When choosing to floor for high traffic, high visibility room like the kitchen, it’s important to consider whether hardwood, laminate, or tile installation makes the most sense for the Fort Worth market.

Hardwood Kitchen Floors

Properly installed hardwood takes an average kitchen to the next level. If you’re looking to significantly improve your home’s resale value, hardwood kitchen floors are sure to catch a prospective buyer’s attention. However, the high traffic and likelihood of wet spills in a kitchen area definitely take their toll over time. Choose prefinished or engineered wood flooring for maximum resiliency.

Laminate Kitchen Floors

If you don’t have the budget for hardwood flooring, laminate floors are an affordable alternative that delivers very similar aesthetics. In addition to its attractive look, laminate floors are even more resistant to water and the scratching effect of shoes and pet feet.

Tile Kitchen Floors

In recent years, tile has come back into style as a kitchen flooring choice. To maximize durability and return on investment, you’ll want to choose ceramic or porcelain tiles that are larger than 12 inches square. Twelve-inch square tiles are an outdated style involving a lot of grout that can become dirty over time. Choosing 18 to 24-inch tiles and utilize colored caulk to give the room a more modern look.

Texas Hardwood Flooring specializes hardwood, laminate, and tile installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call us to talk about your kitchen project today!

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