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Revamping the home in this day and age is not as simple as it once used to be. Back decades ago there were only so many options to choose from, so design was basically decided for you. Now, with the advancement with all types of technologies, the possibilities are endless for the flooring in your Dallas home.
Texas Hardwood Flooring, located in the Dallas area, is your best assets for choosing and installing a new floor into your home, With many different wood types and materials to choose from, our flooring experts can help you make the right decision for your home. One flooring type that has gained popularity in the last few years is laminate.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be placed on most surfaces, meaning, it doesn’t have to be a special subfloor. This flooring is designed in layers and each layer has a specific purpose.
1st Layer – The backing is the first layer and it’s designed to help prevent moisture from getting into this type of flooring.
2nd Layer – The next layer is considered the inner core of the flooring. This layer is created by using fiberboard that is strengthened by adding a specialty resin to enhance moisture resistance and helps durability.
3rd Layer – This is the image design portion of the laminate flooring. This layer is where the image of wood, stone, metal, or whatever material you have chosen is present.
4Th Layer– This is the top layer of the flooring. It is the layer that protects the flooring from scratches, dents, and other types of damaged. This is what increases the flooring’s durability.

Where did Laminate Flooring Originate?

Laminate was created back in the 1970’s as an affordable option as opposed to hardwood. This type of flooring was adored by many Dallas homeowners because its low price, but aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, back in this decade, the floors appeared fake and almost like plastic, letting it lose its appeal. Many people had to relinquish style and focus on price. Now with the many advances in laminate flooring, there are many more options available to go with any style in your Dallas home. Also, the floorings quality has been drastically improved and the durability matches the look.

One of the major advances with laminate flooring is the fact gluing or a separate adhesive combined with the backing, is not necessary. The laminate flooring is designed in plank form and the planks with lock together to create a seamless design. This makes laminate flooring easy and extremely quick to install for our professionals.

Another major benefit that was added on to laminate flooring was the photographic technology. Many desire the look of hardwood but it just simply is not in their budget needs. With the advancement in technology, the real look of wood is achievable. These laminate planks are in the style of hundreds of different wood types and colors. However, there is dye being used, so matching other flooring planks down the road is a breeze!

If you are considering a new floor in your Dallas home but are on a tight budget, consider an amazing laminate floor. Contact the professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring. Our installers are fast, efficient, and now how important your Dallas home is to you. Call today to learn more!

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