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Hardwood Flooring Repair

Nothing is worse than moving into a home with a beautiful hardwood floor only to find out it needs a variety of repairs. Or perhaps the case is that you’ve enjoyed your hardwood flooring for so long that you’ve hardly noticed it slowly falling into disrepair. You haven’t taken note of the scratches accumulating, the boards separating, and the general look of the floor generally disintegrating until one day you look up and your flooring is hardly recognizable anymore. There’s no need to fret. You don’t have to invest in a new set of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is actually known to outlast the building it’s installed in which is why there’s an entire industry for antique reclaimed hardwood flooring if you’re interested in walking on the floorboards of a shipping house in the Boston harbor rather than freshly milled timber. There are a variety of minor wood flooring issues that can be easily resolved with skilled hardwood flooring repair techniques.


Gaps In Your Flooring

Wood shrinks and expands and shrinks again, which causes noticeable gaps between the planks of your hardwood flooring. Those can catch your toes and rip up your favorite pair of socks if they got too much on that gap and it makes the wood flooring much less uniform and appealing to look at. If your hardwood flooring gaps are no thicker than the width of a dime, then the humidity and heat will close those back up soon. If, however, your planks have a wider gap between some of your boards, we recommend reaching out to us to get it professionally fixed.


Split and Cracked Boards

Wood in dryer climates like the climate of Dallas and the surrounding areas is bound to see some drying and cracking over time. It’s just the natural progression of things and once the finish that’s protecting your flooring starts to wear thin, so does the wood’s resistance to the elements and hardships of the climate. Depending on the severity of the crack or split you may have to employ wood putty or you may have to invest in a whole new plank. Whatever way it falls, your flooring contractor will be able to help you make that decision and they’ll guide you in the direction to make your flooring look as sharp and refreshed as possible. That may mean a minor hardwood flooring repair is all you need or they may try and encourage you to invest in a hardwood refinishing services.


Warping Wood Flooring

In the event that your flooring starts to warp on an individual board basis, or an entire flooring basis you have a serious moisture problem. Any evidence of a warping floor should be addressed immediately so that the entire wood flooring is not suddenly forfeit. This is an unusual occurrence in Dallas and Fort Worth because of the very dry climate. If this is happening to your flooring, it may very well be that the installation of the boards of the issue. Whatever the case is, we won’t be able to diagnose it over the phone. Please reach out as soon as possible to get this issue handled before serious damage is done.

Invest In Hardwood Flooring Repairs Now, Save Money Later

Keeping your hardwood flooring in peak condition is a key portion of eventually reaping the benefits of the feature in your home later when you sell the property. Keeping your wood flooring as stunning as the day it was installed is a simple endeavor, all you need to do is contact your flooring contractor when you believe it’s in need of care. Look for signs of cracking, scratches and other cosmetic issues that may be evidence of more serious issues. In the long run, due diligence now will save you from high refinishing and replacement costs down the road.


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Reach out to us if you’re concerned about the wood flooring in your Dallas home. Texas Hardwood Flooring has provided competitive pricing and high-quality flooring contractor work for over fifty years in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We’re eager to help you explore options for repairing or refinishing the imperfections so that your floor can look it’s best and last for the life of your home.

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