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Gina told us she liked almost everything about her new home. The location was perfect (her job was nearby in Coppell), the layout seemed to have been made for her and her single-mom family (rooms for the four of them to gather in but still enough spaces for privacy), and the design was contemporary without being boring.

Undoing a Cheap Flooring Installation

But the floors? Yuck! Obviously the homebuilder had skimped on this part of the construction. The carpeted rooms had different colors and patterns that clashed with the stylish furniture she brought to the house. The cheap engineered hardwood the builder installed was ugly and yellowish; there were already some patches of wear and tear.

So, Gina called Texas Hardwood Flooring for a consultation. Brian came out to the house (on time, of course). He proceeded to lay out for her what hardwood she might install, what kind of stains she might select, and other choices that a completely new hardwood flooring installation might entail.

Gina got very excited. She decided to go for a distinctive and memorable floor in her home. Brian made the arrangements and got to work. To begin with, his team came in and tore out the ugly wood floor and motley carpet and carted them away. Then Texas Hardwood Flooring had a pallet of ¾” x 4” red oak hardwood flooring delivered to the Coppell house to be installed. A sturdy ¾” plywood subfloor was laid down, which took about a day. Then the crew took a couple of days to nail down the brand new four-inch red oak. After giving the floor ten days to adjust to the temperature and humidity of its new surroundings, the crew returned.

This time they sanded, and then gave a wire-brush treatment to the new hardwood. This procedure left the heart of the red oak exposed and gave it an aged, distressed and rustic look. Then the team spread a Duraseal Royal Mahogany stain on the floor. This required several coats to get the color correct. This all was followed, of course, by the application of several coats of an oil-based polyurethane. The applying and drying of these liquid materials took a couple of days.

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It must be said that it can be tough on a family to be displaced from their digs for the amount of time it takes to this kind of job correctly, and there was some grumbling by the children. That is to be expected, sometimes. But after all was done, Gina was thrilled with the new floor installation by Texas Hardwood Flooring. Even the kids admitted it looked great. Job well done, gentlemen! If you’re looking for your own success story, get in touch with our team of hardwood flooring installers for your Dallas or Fort Worth area home!

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