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Why Install a Handscraped Wood Floor?

Hand scraped or distressed wood flooring has come back into fashion alongside it’s deep South brothers like plantation shutters. Hardwood flooring has always been a mark of sophistication and elegance, but the hand-scraped flooring trend taps into a sense of timeless, rustic aesthetic that is not easily achieved. For centuries, wood floors were crafted with rough tools, leaving a textured look and feel to the surface that is now sought after due to its reputation of providing immediate charm and subtle vintage quality. Active residents like kids and pets can be hard on floors, sometimes leaving dents and scratches. A hand-scraped wood floor takes these dings in stride and still looks great. If you find greener, creatively sourced materials is more up your alley, you can easily find upcycled already scraped wood that can instantly add character to your space. In the absence of that solution, look to our hand scrapping services.

Handscraped Floor

Wood Flooring With Undeniable Charm

Texas Hardwood Flooring proudly provides hand scraped wood flooring in the DFW metro area. We work on hickory, oak, as well as other wood species. When your solid hardwood flooring is being installed or refinished, our craftsmen can hand-scrape your floor right on site, prior to staining and sealing. Installing engineered hardwood flooring instead of solid hardwood? There are engineered floors with some hand scraping. Many flooring manufacturers now offer pre-finished hardwood flooring products that are hand-scraped at the factory and can be installed with the same ease and at the same cost as other pre-finished floors.

Unique Aesthetic

If you find the individuality of a parquet floor or other flooring styles totally charming but aren’t thrilled about the additional cost, you might look to hardwood floor scraping. The  completely unique look of each hand scraped plank easily creates a form of chaotic symmetry that can only enhance and add dimension to the character of your current or new hardwood flooring. While the finish is rustic, it pairs easily with many different types of decor because of the natural color palette and varied way of executing the scraping. It has managed to become the current interior design sweetheart because of it’s textured appeal and ability to add visual interest across a broad area. This texture makes the perfect backdrop to highlight heirloom furniture pieces and other carefully contrasted pieces that enhance style and individuality. The most interesting and intriguing part of a hand-scraped design is its ability to appear and feel different in varied types of lighting. The woods natural grain will be brought into sharp relief and the morning lights will create stunning hues and sharp edges that will mellow as the sun reaches higher into the sky.

Preservable Beauty

Since those little dings and evidence of wear won’t show on your rigidly designed flooring the beauty of the grain of the wood will stick around with low maintenance. Since it’s a hard surface, it’s already going to be ridiculously easy to keep clean in comparison to its dust and grime collecting carpet counterparts. While smooth hardwood floorsrequire regular sweeping to make sure that all those little crumbs don’t mar and interrupt the beautiful progression of the grain, you won’t be able to see those pieces in hand-scraped wood. Rougher more surfaces don’t show dust, hair, or any debris which means you can sweep much less often. Worried about the grooves making it more difficult to sweep? Usually the grooves and scrapes in the wood are so low profile that they won’t be able to trap things from the bristles of your broom, and definitely won’t stand up to a mop.

Use Natural Cleaners Freely

Wanting to try out some greener, less pungent cleaners? Hand scraped wood flooring takes kindly to the attentions of diluted apple cider vinegar and other green alternatives to those stinky wood cleaning chemical products. Interested in investing in a new hardwood floor to increase the value of your home and the quality of life inside it, contact us about our hand scraping process. We’d be excited to talk about your needs for your home and how we can accommodate your personal style and wants.

Why we love to Install Hardwood Floors?

Our crews have grown up installing, refinishing, and repairing solid hardwood. They are professional flooring crews who really know the ins and outs of installing hardwood flooring are becoming more difficult to find. All they do is install floors and 1000’s of floors later they are very skilled. At Texas Hardwood Flooring roughly 60-80% of our work is with solid hardwood. We can match the stain of existing floors when our customers what to extend the flooring to additional rooms or when the floors need repair.

What Our Customers Say

"The floors and stairs look great and the patches matched perfectly"

The stairs were in rough shape and there were other challenges such as uneven areas of the floor and a couple of holes that needed to be patched. I was delighted with the results. The floors and stairs look great and the patches matched perfectly. Great care was taken so that no damage was done to the recently refinished baseboard molding and stair balusters. The work was done promptly and professionally with minimal (there’s always some) dust and disruption. I highly recommend Texas Hardwood Flooring and will use them again.

Yasmeen K.

"A note to let you know how well received your work was"

A note to let you know how well received your work was. A note to let you know how well received your work was. A note to let you know how well received your work was. A note to let you know how well received your work was.

Nick J.

"Our floors were completed two years ago and they still look remarkable!"

Texas Hardwood Flooring was incredibly professional and completed our floors in a very timely manner. Their staff was knowledgeable, attentive to detail, and personable. Since then I have used them again for some residential flooring and that too was done flawlessly. I will continue to use them and I will also continue to refer Texas Hardwood Flooring to anyone that needs work done.

Joyce D.

"Jesse is extremely knowledgeable and very honest and AUTHENTIC"

Jesse is extremely knowledgeable and very honest and AUTHENTIC. He was also very PATIENT with my constant questions. As a first-time home buyer, he put my mind at ease. When we started the job, Jesse’s crew was wonderful. But what I admired the most is that Jesse keeps you updated throughout the process with pictures! Having your floors refinished is a huge commitment so the daily updates definitely put my mind at ease. I can count on one hand how many times I have written a review so I have very high expectations and Jesse definitely delivered!

Anabell Odisho

"it feels like we have literally just bought a new house! The hardwoods look amazing and we couldn’t be happier"

As a 20 year homeowner in the same house, I am one who does not like change obviously and when we had a water leak and it became apparent some of our hardwoods were damaged and needed replacement, we put our faith in Jesse and his crew. He was very helpful in walking us through the entire process, and even though we had to move completely out of the house into PODs in our driveway, it was not nearly as overwhelming as it could have been without Jesse’s invaluable guidance and advice. Most importantly, he was our advocate when dealing with our Homeowner’s insurance carrier in making sure the claim went smoothly by providing detailed estimates and working with the independent claims adjuster to come to a fair resolution that allowed us to move forward without hassle. As we prepare to move back into our house, it feels like we have literally just bought a new house! The hardwoods look amazing and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Jesse and your entire team.

Bryan Pope

"You’d hardly know they were here except for how good these floors look!"

Thrilled with how our floors came out after refinishing. This house is over 100 years old and the floors are original. This was a hard job to tackle as we had quite a bit of damage due to age. Even so, they turned out beautifully and we were also able to get a bit of custom staining done in the kitchen! Jesse handled our questions and concerns throughout the process professionally and promptly. The clean-up after the job was top notch- as well- I had resigned myself to the assumption that there would be dust everywhere for months just given the nature of the work, but there has barely been anything left behind at all. You’d hardly know they were here except for how good these floors look! Extra shout out to Gerardo for his excellent stain work in the kitchen!!

Ruth Litwinowicz

"Setting the standard for excellence!"

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the work Bryan recently did in fixing the finish on our wood floors. (The marks from all the strips of blue tape used by…[other contractor]…are now gone.) Please let Bryan know his crew did a fabulous job and thank him for us. The floor looks great! His attention to detail is greatly appreciated. We are very happy with everything we have purchased from you these past few years that include Hardwood and Tile and would highly recommend your business to anyone.

Julien D.

"The walls look absolutely beautiful"

Just a quick note, to let you know how I do sincerely appreciate the work, you’ve done for me cutting my tiles. I finally got them up and the walls look absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t have done it without you!!! Once I do the finishing touches, I’ll certainly send pictures. Thank you so very sincerely for all your help and your kindness.

Cherly A.

"Great with follow through"

Thank you for your services. I will be happy to recommend you to friends, neighbors & relatives. You were great with follow through when necessary.

Paul P.

"In hindsight, I am very glad we did not put tile in the kitchen…"

We were also very pleased with the fact that Texas Hardwood Flooring started and completed the work as promised. Texas Hardwood Flooring’s installation crew was great, and we felt perfectly comfortable having them in our home. Thanks again for a great job!!!

Carol T.

"everyone involved was dependable, professional and courteous"

They removed old carpet, tile, and wood flooring. Then they installed flooring of approximately 1200 sq. feet of 2 1/4″ wide red oak planks. They also stained an existing set of stairs to match the new hardwood floors. Throughout the week long installation process everyone involved was dependable, professional and courteous. The installers were extremely conscientious about their work and about leaving the house neat and tidy at the end of each day. My family and I were able to live comfortably in our home during the process and at the end had beautiful floors to enjoy. I would highly recommend Texas Hardwood Flooring for any work needing to be done on floors. Their experience, professionalism and dedication to their customers’ satisfaction made the process both easy and very worthwhile.

Sermita C.

"Highly recommend your services"

We just want to thank you so much for all you’ve done. Hopefully we are finished for awhile! Everyone has been so pleasant and consistently helpful. We certainly will continue to do business with you and highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks too for your help with my friend “A”. She is delighted with her tile and seeing the tile showroom was fun for us both. Too often people take time to complain and we just wanted to take the time to say thanks for good service and pleasant people.

Jeff and Barbara E.

"The foyer is great and the dark wood is luscious!"

It’s 4 weeks today since we moved in! Yeah! And we absolutely love it. We think the floors and tile are just beautiful. Thank you for all of your hard work, your endless patience, and your wonderful generous friendliness. I had a blast working with you! I actually underestimated the importance of the flooring as a design element in the home. I was so clueless. But, your help made it the funnest part – and I can see now – the key in achieving the look we were after. The foyer is great and the dark wood is luscious! We love our Shower & Master Bath – and my bling floor downstairs. I will call you…

William W.

"As particular with our home as…your own"

It was a pleasure to do business with all of you at Texas Hardwood Flooring. Of all the people we dealt with in two years of building, you folks were among the most prompt, professional and pleasant we encountered. The finished floors are perfect. You were as particular with our home as you’d have been with your own. Thanks again! I’d recommend your work anytime – and your helpfulness!

David D.

"Willing to go the extra mile"

As Thanksgiving approaches, we count you and Texas Hardwood Flooring staff among our blessings. We appreciate your helpfulness and willingness to go the extra mile. When you are not available, everyone else has been more than helpful to us in every situation. We love the flooring from last year as well as the new tile in our family room. Blessings to everyone during the Holiday Season!

Wendy W.

"Some of the best installers I’ve ever seen"

As a residential re modeler for 12 years, I’ve seen many floor installations. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the installers at the…job in Plano were some of the best I’ve ever seen. As the general, working with the designer, their attention to detail helped make the job a success.

Douglass G.

"continued work of an excellent quality"

As always, Scott’s work is impeccable. I am grateful to know Texas Hardwood Flooring offers continued work of an excellent quality. The installers did an exceptional job and were quite efficient. Because of the lateness of the hour for completion (10:00 pm) Juan and I replaced all the furniture as well as assisting in moving items before the installation. Looking forward to working with you in the future… Thank you again for your service and the exceptional job performed in our home.

Kathy S.

"The floor looks great"

we couldn’t be more pleased – Jose & helper did a great job.

Patrick L.

"They were extremely helpful, courteous, professional from start to finish"

I had water damage due to a slow leak in my dishwasher. Jesse and his team replaced my floor with a beautiful new floor. They were extremely helpful, courteous, professional from start to finish. They worked directly with my insurance company and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I was able to update my space. I needed some additional work done due to the damage and they recommended contractors to me. The communication was excellent through the entire process. I will highly recommend Texas Hardwood Flooring to anyone I know.

I wanted to brag on Texas Hardwood Flooring. I had relatives in town who spotted a couple of things that the contractors and I missed. They came and fixed them for me right away. I did a lot of things to my home as a result of the water damage but what I get the most compliments on are the floors!

Virginia Kay

"This is the kind of service I expected from Jesse and his team"

Texas Hardwood Flooring refinished our high-end custom hardwood floors three years ago. They’ve look great and have held up well. Lately, I’ve noticed a few small gaps that happen from time to time with weather change. I called and the owner Jesse told me we were out of warranty, but as a courtesy, he would be happy to have a crew stop by and touch up those areas. This is the kind of service I expected from Jesse and his team. Geraldo the lead man has done an incredible job on our floors. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cathy Kirkpatrick

"Coming from a perfectionist - 10/10 recommend"

I’m writing this review cause it dawned on me, only people who like to complain write reviews & I’m tired of seeing people who sit behind a screen & write these bride-zilla reviews impact small businesses just to hear themselves talk!
I’ll be the first to admit I am one picky, hard headed individual. I like things done a certain way. I like to be in control. However, when you’re spending a lot of money on your home, your investment… let the EXPERTS do what they do best! Get off Pinterest, the DIY before & afters makes it look easy and glamorous. It’s not, it cost a lot of money & time to be done the right way and It’s stressful for the homeowner… BUT this crew took care of my home like it was theirs. They listened, took action & all I had to do was – do what they say! It’s hard to let go of control but when I took everything out of my home, stayed away for a week – let the experts do their job… my house is beautiful & exactly how I wanted it. They even did a walk through with me, & touched up certain things we noticed during the walkthrough. The team was so kind and easy to work with. Coming from a perfectionist – 10/10 recommend *EDITS* we finally have the house cleaned up & put back. In love! Dogs love it too! If you’re looking for a good selection of hardwood options, I picked the Modern Home concepts, American Coastal. Avalon Pier, Laminate!

Kelsey Stanley

"They were on time, finished early and were very reasonable"

We had them sand and refinish our rental property in Dallas and would highly recommend them. They were on time, finished early and were very reasonable. We got 3 bids.

James Piccolo

"Would give them 10 stars if I could"

Texas Hardwood Flooring did a great job on our stairs. They matched our current hardwood floors perfectly! Very professional and finished quickly. Would give them 10 stars if I could. Highly recommend for any flooring needs.

Erin Higgins

"Professional and Exceeded Our Expectations!!"

Jesse and his team did an outstanding job with our hardwood floors. From explaining the type of wood we had, to help with our color choices and sending us photos from beginning to end of the staining process was so helpful. Cannot recommend enough. You will not be disappointed!

Sherry Nestor

"It was evident that they thrive on integrity and honesty"

I am not one to write reviews but felt compelled to do so after such an incredible experience with Texas Hardwood Flooring. During what was a stressful time given the revisions we needed to our home, Jesse and team made it feel like they were right alongside us and truly showed empathy and patience. The entire experience from quote to completion of the process was about as easy as I could have dreamed. We were consulted during every step throughout the way and made to feel like we were the only customer they had at the time. It was evident that they thrive on integrity and honesty to drive repeat business and word of mouth referrals – as such, they gave us full candor and insights into the variety of choices at our disposal and budget without trying to upsell us or feel pushy. The team on-site made us feel comfortable and were above and beyond respectful of our family. The range of experts that Texas Hardwood Flooring deployed are the type of people I’d not only trust with my home restoration but would be happy to share a coffee with. There are few businesses I’d recommend as highly as Jesse and his team.

Marc Griffin

"everyone involved was friendly and professional"

Jesse and his team did an amazing job on our home’s hardwood flooring! From the estimate, to the install, and to the final completion of the job, everyone involved was friendly and professional. I’d highly recommend Texas Hardwood Flooring!

Roshana Atiqzoy

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