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    Engineered hardwood flooring is genuine wood flooring. When you select a quality product and invest in professional installation, you can’t tell the difference by looking or touching.

    What’s the Difference Between Solid Wood and Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

    Engineered hardwood is a “sandwich” of 1/16″ to 1/4″ of finished wood bonded onto two layers of plywood. The result is a strong product with the same high-quality feeling. The multi-layer construction of engineered wood adds additional strength and an increased moisture barrier to the flooring.

    Engineered Wood Floors are Pre-Finished

    The top layer of engineered wood floors is already sanded, stained and sealed, which can decrease the time required for installation. Unfinished solid hardwood must be sealed and there is a waiting time before its ready for use. (Note: solid hardwood is available pre-finished, as well.) Engineered flooring is available in many species, just like solid hardwood, to suit every type of décor. Here’s a list of the woods that are available as engineered hardwood product:

    • Red and White Oak: Always looks great.
    • Maple: An elegant finish, appropriate for dining rooms, living rooms, and family rooms.
    • Hickory: Classic and a great looking option.

    Can Engineered Wood Flooring Can Be Sanded?

    The advantage of engineered wood flooring over luxury laminate flooring is that most engineered wood can be sanded when inevitable scratches and dings develop. There are several things to keep in mind, though:

    • Limited Sanding Only: Engineered flooring cannot be sanded more than 1-3 times (depending on the thickness of the finish layer).
    • Professional Sanding Recommended: Because of the low tolerance for failure with sanding engineered wood, you should always have a professional do the sanding. It is very easy to gouge your engineered wood floor, revealing the plywood underneath.

    What About Areas with Light Moisture?

    Engineered wood flooring works well in kitchens, basements, and bathrooms where there might be too much moisture. It is not recommended for basements with more moisture or kids bathrooms where some other flooring option would last longer.

    Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Method

    One of the downsides of hardwood flooring is the installation time and tedium. Attempting to update your house with a fresh set of hardwood floors is an investment which consists of scheduling contractors, getting quotes and then waiting a seemingly disproportionate amount of time to get the wood flooring finished. With engineered wood all of those inconveniences go out the window. Unless you’re itching for something like parquet wood flooring or a special design to differentiate your flooring and highlight your individual style, engineered wood is a great option.

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    A Variety of Options

    Unlike hardwood flooring that’s true to form solid wood that needs to be nailed to a wood subfloor, engineered flooring is far easier to install. You can choose a variety of options such as nail-down flooring, glue-down flooring and even floating flooring. Depending on the thickness and whether or not you’d like it hand-scraped, you can choose a method. Each method takes a different amount of time and will suit certain areas better than other areas. For example, a nail-down flooring is better for a handscraped living room or even kitchen because it consists of a thicker plank. Floating flooring is great for quick aesthetic updates like in a sunroom, bedroom, or even entry hallway and parlor room.

    Durability Means Value

    Engineered wood flooring is the better counterpart to luxury vinyl for durability but also for long-term value. Sand, restain, refinish and treat engineered like actual wood without any worries because it is real wood. Browse our selection of top-quality wood products to choose the flooring right for you. Here at Texas Hardwood Flooring, we’re dedicated to providing more than a service, we’re providing a great experience. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with a flooring professional who will help you decide which of the many flooring options we offer is right for you.

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