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    Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair, Floods, Storm & Winter Damage Floor Restoration In DFW

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    Did your water pipes freeze and burst due to the cold winter temperatures? Turn to Texas Hardwood Flooring for reliable hardwood floor water damage repair, flood and winter storm restoration in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Water and floods can cause permanent damage and mold growth to hardwood flooring. Once you notice any water damage on your floor, it is extremely important to call an expert before the damage extends to the rest of the home. Call (214) 339-1770 to talk to an expert and get a free estimate.

    Wood Floor Water Damage

    Since the dawn of time, water and wood have never mixed well. That’s why they caution you against using hardwood flooring in your kitchen or bathroom and especially any flooring below grade (i.e. in your basement when you refinish it). Thus, it’s no surprise that it commonly suffers water damage and seems like it cannot be reversed based off of that. If you’ve had any large amount of water mingle with your hardwood flooring, whether it’s related to a flood or something much less serious, your floors will never be the same again. That is, unless you take action immediately.

    While Your Hardwood Floors Are Still Wet

    Act fast. The sooner you reach to the water, the less time your wood has to react to it. Wood consists of a variety of fibers, but mostly the cellulose fibers, which love to soak up water like sturdy little sponges. In fact, they famously rapidly soak up water and release it rather slowly. Start pulling up water with your shop vacuum as fast as possible. No wood flooring is so well finished that your wood cannot be penetrated by water. Wood flooring has a variety of infiltration points and water is tricky and slippery above all. H2O will slip in through the top layer, between the seams of the floorboards, through small cracks and fissures in the coating and through the baseboards, it can even sneak through the heating registers, just to name a few. Mold and mildew is going to be the first issue to address and your should attempt to address it in a similar fashion that you would tend to water damage in carpet. Start with eliminating the dirt as water on its own cannot simply conjure mold, it needs dirt as well. You’ll need a shop vacuum, a stiff broom, mild detergent, a disinfectant like 409, and a variety of absorbent cloth.


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    Mitigate As Much Damage As Possible

    To put a damper (pun intended) on the mold and mildew growth you’ll definitely encounter if you don’t act quick, flip your shop vac to wet mode and let it run so you can suck up as much water as possible. Scrub all the floors and other wood work such as the baseboards, posts and anything else with your broom. Add fresh water mixed with the mild detergent so that you can remove as much mud and dirt as well as other organic compounds which will contribute to mold growth later.

    Has Mold and Mildew Set In?

    If you’re concerned that mold and mildew has set in, there’s not much left you can do without a professional hardwood flooring contractor’s help, but you could start by using trisodium phosphate, around 4-6 teaspoons per gallon of water mixed in) to scrub away at the mold and mildew likely lurking under your floorboards. Scrub the mixture into the wood flooring until the mildew and wood smell has dissipated and then start to dry out your wood slowly. Proceed with caution as drying wood too quickly will result in cracks and those floorboards will have to be replaced.

    Save Your Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring

    Don’t leave the fate of your hardwood flooring to chance or your ability to clean the water as fast as possible. Put the future of your flooring in the very capable hands of the best flooring contractors in Dallas, Texas Hardwood Flooring. We’ll be able to conduct the hardwood flooring repair you need after a major and minor flood as well as be able to approach buckling and warping wood flooring with finesse. Our experience in hardwood flooring installation over the years has left us more than capable to know how to approach the issue of a little water— whether that’s literal tons of water or merely gallons. We can handle sanding your water damaged flooring which can diminish any cupping or warping your floors might be experiencing. Our flooring contractors can even prevent your floorboards from lifting, while taking care of any hidden stagnant water that might be eating your floor board from the inside out. We can even help you with laminate flooring damage.

    Laminate Floor Water Damage

    Most laminate flooring is essentially impervious to water damage but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Water, in general, seems to attempt the “impossible,’ quite a bit and you may find yourself a victim of water damaged laminate flooring. If you find water on top of the laminate floor or under it, there’s still hope if you act quickly. While laminate flooring will not be able to be sanded if it starts to cup or crown, they can easily be replaced which allows the flooring contractor to remove any water that might be under the boards and significantly diminishes the risk of further damage to your boards.

    Contact Texas Hardwood Flooring For Wood Floor Water Damage

    There’s no need to waste time. Reach out to Texas Hardwood flooring to solve the issues surrounding your flooring now. Don’t let the water penetrate the fibers of your wood flooring any more than you need.

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