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If you have chosen tile floor installation for your new home, Texas Hardwood Flooring is happy to help. Once you have your tile chosen and everything installed, what is the next step? Do you need to seal the tile and grout?

After such an investment in your new tile and increasing the value of your home, you probably don’t want to chance anything happening to it! That’s where sealing your floor comes in. Sealing your floors can help improve the look and protect the surfaces, and there are several sealant options to choose from: waxes, finishes, and color enhancers.


Waxes are soft and need to be buffed in order to get that glossy look you may be looking for. However, they do not last long. The good news is, wax is easily reapplied and repaired should it get scratched.


These coatings create a hard coat on your tiles that you will not be able to see. However, you will likely need to clean any finishes often. They also are difficult to repair if they receive any damage.

Color Enhancers

These coat over the top of your floor and are made from acrylics. They can provide more protection than general sealants and are often used on outdoor tiles as well as indoor ones.

These sealants are all good choices when it comes to protecting your floor. You will keep your grout looking fresh, your tile pristine, and your floors brand new. Contact Texas Hardwood Flooring today for all of your tile and hardwood installation needs.

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