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Let’s face it, reclaimed hardwood flooring has an unparalleled beauty and look to it. It’s like investing in heirloom jewelry but for your flooring. It’s got character and story lurking in the very fiber of each and every plank. The character of the flooring as a whole is comprised of the individualism in each board and the color is almost always breathtaking. So how do you go from admiring reclaimed hardwood flooring to investing in the flooring installation project of your dreams? First, you’ll have to start shopping around for reclaimed hardwood flooring, and that’s no easy task. But fret not! As your resident dedicated hardwood flooring installation contractor for Plano and Little Elm, Texas Hardwood Flooring is prepared to guide you in fulfilling your flooring dreams.

Shopping For Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The hardest part of investing in reclaimed hardwood flooring is finding that specific brand of flooring. The business simply isn’t big enough to support many shops and locations to get the reclaimed wood from. Luckily though, Texas is still considered a part of the wild west and we’ve plenty of historical buildings that are getting restored and repurposed which means that there should be a trickling stream of old saloon flooring coming down the pike, it’s just a matter of finding where that trickle will pool into a pond. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of distributors that you can turn to find the reclaimed wood flooring to start your flooring installation project off on the right foot.

Distributor #1: Appalachian Woods

If you were hoping for that true Texas saloon reclaimed wood, these might not be the folks for you, but their product lines are still amazing and totally authentic. All of their wood is sourced from old barns and cabins in the Appalachian mountains where they’re based. That means you’ll have access to the strong wood that is produced by the Appalachians but with the added southern character of years of use and weathering. They offer a variety of antique woods that have been repurposed from the heart pine species as well as the oak and a distinct wormy chestnut selection that is truly beautiful. If you browse their catalog and find that the wood isn’t weathered enough, you can turn to their unique barn-board flooring options. It’s literally milled from the boards of old, knocked down barns and it comes in poplar and mixed species that create a stunning aesthetic that will have your guests drooling.

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