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Wood flooring is an attractive addition to any home. In fact, it’s a selling point for most folks. When you walk into a home and see gleaming hardwood with individualistic grain spidering throughout the entire home like veins beneath the skin, it’s a stunning first impression. Thus, it’s no shock that when your own flooring, antique or just abused by the last owner, starts to creak and groan and look less than its best, you’ll likely look into replacement and repair options. But which should you choose? Follow our guide to determining whether you should choose a complete overhaul or salvage your current floors.

In our previous blog, we covered the first three steps: determining your own preferences, researching refinishing projects and hunting for irreparable stains. In this entry, we’ll continue to explore how to narrow down your options for your own hardwood flooring for your Little Elm home.

#4 Test For Movement

A few squeaks and groans here and there is nothing to fret about. As we mentioned previously, we can fix those with nails and other clever solutions that will prevent those single boards from fluttering around any longer. However, if there’s a lot of movement between boards you won’t be able to refinish and sand the boards very effectively. Additionally, lots of movement generally means water damage or just exposure to the elements, which means it’s probably not worth the trouble to try and refinish it anyway. Cut your losses, and start fresh with hardwood floor replacement services.

#5 Is The Subfloor a Problem?

If you’re hoping to upgrade heated floors or you’re concerned the subfloor might be damaged in any way, it’s probably best to start fresh with the entire floor. You won’t be able to cover up damage that goes that deep and throwing older floorboards back on top won’t do much in reviving your flooring.

#6 Too Much Sanding

If your floors are properly antique, and they’ve seen better days, you should be prepared to be told “no” when you ask for refinishing. Simply because once hardwood gets too old, it’s gone through quite a few refinishings at that point. If one flooring contractor tells you there’s simply not enough meat left on the flooring to sand, you’ll have to take their word for it. There’s no reason for a flooring contractor to turn down a hardwood refinishing project other than there’s simply not enough wood left and if another flooring contractor agrees to it, it’s likely they’re unconcerned with wearing your wood too thin. This would be equivalent to satisfying the present you, while creating very serious problems for future you and the future of your hardwood flooring.

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