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Have you considered installing hand scraped hardwood floors into your Dallas home? Do you know what hand scraped hardwood is? The style began as a necessary process used to make the wood floors even. Woodworkers took knives with a handle at each end and scraped the floor until it was flat enough to walk across safely. The practice is no longer necessary, but it can add a rustic and elegant touch to any room.

These days, we have machines that can create this look–but machine patterns are repeated. With a close look at the floor, you can tell where the patterns have been used again. However, when the hardwood floors are scraped by hand, our Texas Hardwood Flooring professionals have the finesse and artistic touch to make your floor a masterpiece.

Be sure you understand the difference between a hand scraped floor and a distressed floor. They have a similar process, however:

  • Handscraped flooring often looks very different from plank to plank. It looks new but will have markings left behind from the scraping process.
  • Distressed flooring is made to look like it has gone through a large amount of wear and tear. The markings are also typically repeated since a machine creates the look of distress.

If you believe hand scraped flooring is for you, great news! Hand scraping can be done on both solid wood and engineered wood. Most hand scraped floors receive a urethane finish to keep it looking nice, lock out moisture, and prevent damage. When you’re ready to install hand scraped flooring in your home, call the professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring!

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